Book campaign: Women Support Women Through Books

In order to increase the awareness of PiP’s work and to fund our work in a sustainable way we have decided to produce and publish a political is personal book, which will include interviews conducted by pip so far and other material.

We have therefore decided to launch PiP’s official “Women Support Women Through Books” campaign!

Concept: Buy a signed copy of a book written by a woman author, and the cost will serve as a donation.

Absolutely all the donations/proceeds will go to the production of our book, with the aim of reaching approximately $15000-$20000, which amounts to the total cost of this process, with the help of Lioness Books.

How does it work?

  1. choose the book below that you wish to purchase

  2. go to “support us” on the menu above and transfer the cost of the book to our paypal account

  3. contact us and let us know which book you have chosen, and we will make sure the author will ship you the book

  4. enjoy your reading!

Step by step, book by book, we’ll reach our goal.

See which books are available to purchase below