The pip team

Sarah Arnd Linder, Founder & Project Manager

Photo taken by Celia Riley

Photo taken by Celia Riley

Sarah grew up in Denmark and in francophone countries. After a year spent in New York working at a public school in Harlem and studying at the New School, she moved to Israel, where she has lived for ten years. She received her Bachelor's degree in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) with majors in Conflict Resolution and International Affairs in 2010 and her Master's degree in Middle Eastern history at Tel Aviv University in 2014. Following her move to Israel she quickly developed an interest for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and became involved with several NGOs within the field. Her studies at the IDC as well as her own personal experiences made her realize that she could not relate to the conflict without "gender binoculars," which led her to set up a Feminist Forum at the IDC focusing on the status of women in Israel and elsewhere. Recently, while working within a completely different field, Sarah decided to embark on a project focusing on the impact of the conflict on women - in April 2015 she interviewed Yael, Her Story #1.

Wajiha Al Abyad, Gaza Coordinator & Writer


Wajiha is a Palestinian woman who was born and still live in the Gaza Strip. She is descended from a refugee family in Jaffa. In 2015, she received her BA degree in English and French Literature which essentially paved the way for her writing career. Since then, she developed a profound passion in writing. She started off as a blogger for WeAreNotNumebrs, CivilArab, and currently works as a freelance writer publishing regularly on the Medium. Her background in working as a Project Coordinator within a local Non-Governmental Organization dedicated for advocating Women’s Rights has given her a broad base from which to approach gender issues in Gaza. Therefore, in her writings, she addresses women’s issues through featured stories. She especially enjoys reading about psychology and communicating with people from diverse cultures.

Rena Omar, West Bank Coordinator

Rena was born in April 1993 in Jerusalem. She lives with her family in Ramallah and enjoys travelling around the world to discover different cultures. Rena is a graduate of English Literature and Linguistics at Birzeit University and just finished studying for her Masters in International Business Administration in Romania. She was introduced to non-violent activism through OneVoice Palestine through her network of friends. Rena believes in non-violent activism and the importance of political participation for women. She supports civil right movements working to make Palestine a better place.

Nina Engels, SGBV & Human Rights Expert


Nina is multi-lingual with an international background and possesses a doctorate graduate in International Law, specialized in sexual gender-based violence and international women's rights. Her thesis was a gender-based comparison, and analysis is made of the transitional justice mechanisms in both countries, highlighting gaps in international humanitarian, criminal and human rights law and identifying areas to enhance protection of women and girls in conflict and post-conflict situations. She is a firm believer in the principles of equality, social justice, ethics and human dignity and is dedicated to exploring gaps in international law disfavouring specific population groups, particularly women and girls.

Neel Ingstrup, Social Media Content and Brand Developer


Neel was born in Denmark, and has spent most of her adult life abroad (Belgium, Israel and Vietnam). She holds degrees in Science of Religion and Cross-Cultural Studies with a minor in Middle East Studies, and is specialised, both academically and professionally, in identity shaping and ethnic minorities - especially in the field between public legislation and self-realization. She has worked in the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration and The Council of Ethnic Minorities (Denmark). Besides being active in PiP as a SoMe content and brand developer, she is a volunteer in DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture.

Memduha Imer, Project Coordinator


Memduha grew up in the Kurdish region of Turkey and lived in Izmir for 15 years, where she finished her Bachelor's degree in International Relations and the European Union. In 2014 she moved to Budapest to begin her Master's degree in Psychology via the Erasmus Student Network. Throughout her studies she has volunteered in a local LGBT organization, worked with elderly people as well as taught martial arts to women, who are exposed to physical violence. Memduha enjoys juggling, theatre and Roma people's music, and her academic interests are gender studies, the relations between music and identity as well as queer studies.