what is pip?

Political is Personal / Israel + Palestine is a project of interviews conducted with individual Palestinian and Israeli Jewish women conveying how the conflict has  affected their lives. Their stories help to personalize one of the most seemingly intractable conflicts in the world. 

how - are the stories written

  • All the stories feature Palestinian and Israeli Jewish women,  who are 18 years old or above;
  • The interviews are conducted either face-to-face, via Skype, email, chat or phone depending on circumstances and on the wishes of the interviewees;
  • The first name of the interviewee is included in the title of her story or is completely anonymous - all depending on the wishes of the interviewee;
  • Interviews are free-flowing, allowing for the subject's safe, non-judgmental, open telling of her thoughts, experience and feelings.
  • Stories are edited only for clarity, flow and structure.
  • Tolerance, Respect and Sensitivity: Once the story of an interviewee is written, it is sent back to her for her approval or modifications. Because of the sensitivity of the political situation, and because the stories will be publicly available, no story is published without the full consent of the interviewee.